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Providing Solutions for Global Marketing

The Company
ACTON was founded in 1968 by Jonathan Lambert, as a membership catalog operation in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has since developed into a world leader providing conventional and online marketing services.

Establishing solid relationships with industry leaders and bringing those relationships to every project and campaign we handle. Our experience, dedication, and knowledge are unsurpassed.

Our business objectives continually evolve to meet the growing changes in our industry. As our number one objective, we promise to bring the very best products and services to our clients and to consistently meet and exceed their needs.

The Team
Kraig Prange Managing Partner
As a Managing Partner of ACTON, Kraig's focus is new business development and lead generation opportunities for both domestic and international clients. He supervises the company's database initiatives and promotional campaigns. He also oversees consumer and business Database License Agreement, List Management, electronic ID Verification platform application, and personalized Mail Packages.

Kraig uses his international sales and marketing expertise to serve the unique needs to ACTON's growing list of sophisticated worldwide marketing clients.

Before joining ACTON International, Kraig spent several years in Japan where he organized and managed a large-scale international soft goods distribution operation for both retail and wholesale companies.

Frank Lambert Managing Partner
Beyond his duties as Managing Partner of ACTON International, Frank oversees all direct mail production activities, which includes art direction, data acquisition, print production, letter shopping, and delivery to worldwide postal authorities. Frank also works closely with ACTON's Legal and Sales Departments to streamline communication and business flow.

Frank entered the Direct Marketing industry in 1986, were he managed Quik Copy, a Lincoln, Nebraska print company, that was founded by Jonathan Lambert. Under Frank's supervision, the print facility grew to over 40 employees. When Jonathan purchased Colonial Press in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1993, Frank became the manager of that printing operation too. He handled labor relations with the union at Colonial Press until the members voted to decertify the union.

From 1988 to 2005, Frank also co-owned a home construction company and served as the Project Superintendent. He supervised all production and managed construction of over 300 new homes.

Joni Denny International Account Executive
Joni brings nearly 17 years of campaign management expertise to each marketing initiative. Joni has worked with a variety of clients, both large and small, in addition to managing both internal and external resources.

Her focus at ACTON is overseeing the Data Management, List Brokerage, and Production aspects for our clients. Her current focus is consumer and business list management and electronic ID verification platform applications.
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