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Q. What is a Net Name agreement?
A. This is an agreement between the list owner and list user. The user pays only for names ultimately used in the campaign rather than for the total list sent to the user. Usually, a minimum percent of the gross names must be paid for to fulfill the agreement.

Q. What is the difference between a List Broker and List Manager?
A. The List Broker is an agent who arranges the rental of a list on behalf of the list owner.
The Broker is also involved in the research and consultation of individual lists. Meanwhile,
the List Manager is the individual who markets the list to Brokers and usually works with
the list owner.

Q. What format do you use to send Lists?
A. ACTON International works with you to provide your list in the format best suited for you. We can also set up individual secure FTP sites to pass along large files effortlessly.

Q. Must ACTON approve my mail piece or telemarketing script?
A. It depends on the list owner's instructions, but typically the marketing materials must be submitted and approved before a list can be released.

Q. What happens if the list I purchase doesn't respond well?

A. ACTON International is always happy to review your campaign and help determine next
steps that can positively effect your response.

Q. Other than List and Database Management, what other services does ACTON

A. ACTON International can assist you in a variety of ways. We offer full production services for both domestic and international mail campaigns. We can assist you in the NCOA processing or CASS certification of your list. We can review mail pieces and provide insight into getting the best possible results.

Q. What are the privacy regulations in China concerning incoming mail?
A. Unfortunately, there isn't enough space to list all the regulations here. Contact ACTON International. We support and abide by all privacy regulations specific to each country.

Q. Is it better to mail a personalized letter or use a generic greeting?
A. A personalized greeting always generates better results. However, you must be certain
your file is clean and the names are formatted correctly. In some countries, using the
wrong title can be considered bad manners and your mail piece will be ignored and
discarded. Your account executive at ACTON International would be happy to review your
mail piece and provide suggestions.
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